Clue Quest Located in Tottenham Hale is the escape game called

Clue Quest Located in Tottenham Hale is the escape game called

Clue Quest Located in Tottenham Hale is the escape game called Clue Quest. The place has shot to great popularity in just a year’s time. The game is a challenge to our logical thinking and brings out the real detective in us. While the game demands a lot of concentration, it also involves a lot of fun and is considered a good team exercise. The game involves a team of 3-5 people who are put together into a room for 60 minutes. How the members of the team solve the clues in the room and find their way out of it forms the crux of the game.

Hint Hunt

Hint Hunt is another live escape game that works similar to Clue Quest. The Hint Hunt venue is located close to St. Pancras station in Central London. Pass through a room filled with wretched puzzles and solve the mystery within 60 minutes. The game is a good way to break free and spend some good time with friends, family and colleagues. The central location of the venue and the lively spirit of the game have made it a hot favorite among young people. The ticket prices start from 17 pounds per person and may vary depending on the timing and season.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema is a blend of entertainment and luxury. Who would not want to enjoy their favorite movie clubbed with comfortable seating and mouth water refreshments? The very ambience of the hall spells luxury and gives you a feel of sensual pleasure. The theater is located in Notting Hill and has been operating since 1910. The Electric Cinema lets visitors enjoy an evening of impeccable entertainment and great hospitality. It is proudly UK’s oldest working cinema and is also a favorite among both Londoners and tourists.

Hippodrome Casino

How would a trip to the United Kingdom be complete without some fun gambling? Hippodrome Casino is the country’s biggest casino with a spectacular infrastructure and a great gaming ground. It is the best place to spend your evening if you are looking for some gambling along with great cocktails. The casino is located in Leicester Square and is a favorite among Londoners. The Heliot Steakhouse in the casino is one of its major highlights. Entry to the casino is 100 percent free.

London Cable Car

Taking you one a stunning ride across the River Thames, from the Royal Decks terminal to the Greenwich Peninsula near the O2 arena is the London cable car. This 10 minute ride between the two places is probably the most beautiful way that lets you appreciate the beauty of the London city. The cable cars are big enough to hold about 10 people at the same time and are always accompanied by staff. Travelers can choose to travel one way or purchase a return ticket. The London cable car is popularly known as the Emirates Air Line.

Hounslow Urban Farm

Tired of all the historic monuments and need some relaxation of a new kind? The Hounslow Urban farm lets you meet and interact with all kinds of domestic animals without taking you to the countryside. The farm is located in Feltham and is most appealing to young children. Tickets for the whole family does not cost you more than 25 pounds and is therefore an economical and fun way to spend time with your family. The farm is spread across 29 acres of land and nurtures animals such as rabbits, cows, pigs, ducks and peacocks.

Partyman World of Play

London’s another delight for kids, is the Partyman World of Play. This multilevel adventure venue has air cannons, football areas, and themed play structures. Polite staff and great food are the other perks that the visitors get to enjoy. Located in Middlesex the place houses 33 feet wonderland towers and monster slides that are a visual treat to people of all ages. The theme birthday parties for kids is one of the most famous activities in the Partyman World of Play.

Gambado Chelsea

Gambado in Chelsea, London is one of the six game centers of the Gambado in the United Kingdom. Gambado is an indoor game setup that offers more than 100 fun activities to its visitors. It is a play frame designed for people of all ages. It boasts of attracting visitors of all types and has regulars with both monthly and annual memberships. A friendly environment and wide variety makes the place a favorite weekend getaway among Londoners.

Winter Wonderland

Located in the heart of the city, the Winter Wonderland is enough to bring the kid inside you. The ice rinks, the ferris wheel, the fire pit stations and the hot snacks transmit you to totally another world of bliss. The Winter Wonderland happens every year and can be referred to as the commercial extension of Christmas in London. Nevertheless it is considered to be a fun activity for people of all ages.

5D World and Arcade World at Trocedero

Another entertainer right from the heart of the London city is the 5D world and Arcade world. Choose from over 20 movies and enjoy some mind boggling simulation which takes you on a rollercoaster ride. Also the place offers a huge variety of arcade games for visitors of all ages.